Dominik Schleppinghoff crafts soulful contemporary spaces in close partnership with his clients.  Every project begins by gathering deep insights into how the client lives and what they love.  He combines a finely tuned color sense and a restrained approach toward functional furnishings with an educated eye for objects of quality and a gift for transforming the unique architectural challenges of a space into one-of-a-kind features. 

Located in Rittenhouse

A SoHo style loft in the heart of Rittenhouse

Located in the heart of Greenwich Village

This renovated and converted townhouse has an air of warm elegance, thanks to its exposed brick, stone walls and wooden floors.

Watch the video of 80 Washington Place being featured on CBS Living Large below.

From 2 make 1


We love working with Dominik because he helps us improve our home in ways we would never think of or be able to implement on our own, and he responds to our needs and tastes, rather than simply imposing his own views.  Whether it's his idea for covering a radiator or adding an arch to a wall, Dominik comes up with creative design solutions within our budget constraints.  We have greatly benefited from being able to tap into Dominik's expertise, and we have had excellent experiences with the contractors he has recommended.  Plus, we have always loved the end result!  The bedroom and bathroom that Dominik designed are attractive, comfortable, wonderful spaces to spend time.



Watch the video of 39 Gramercy Park being featured on HGTV below.

An apartment in The National gets a makeover.


My husband and I are budget-conscious and in our first house, and we have had a fabulous experience working with Dominik on several design projects. He has helped us with large projects, like renovating a bathroom and decorating a master bedroom, and with smaller projects, like choosing paint colors and light fixtures.